Starting with the fervent followers of the hugely populous South East Asian country of Indonesia, Enzibet has been gradually opening the doors to the world of Online Gambling. Their brand of honor, trustworthiness, and Customer Care has attracted the attention of Gamblers and Players everywhere. Their web address, www.enzi.bet , has become legendary.

International Appeal

Some of the reasons for the enormous appeal of Enzibet to the International gambling scene are as follows:

  • It is possible to play at any time. Not just the online version, Enzibet has the App (Application) format also, which makes it easy to play off-screen.
  • Where barriers to accessing the Main Site exist, Enzibet has provided alternative links. Access can even be done through Live Chat, and similar modes.
  • The over-arching control provided by Enzibet makes all financial transactions quite easy for Gamblers.
  • All payments can be comfortably made on finger-touch controls on the keyboard of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, PC’s and similarly portable devices.
  • All payments are Online and Internet-based, and are fully recorded if desired.
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Transactions are easy to make, and fully within the instant control of the Paymasters and Gamblers.
  • Internet or Mobile Banking is available at all times.
  • For gamblers from Indonesia, there is no problem at all. Enzibet has collaborated with most major Banks here, in order to provide smooth flow of the transaction system.
  • Some major Indonesian Banks collaborating with Enzibet to provide Customer service are the well-known Mandiri bank, BCA, BRI, and BNI.
  • All the major innovations that are now part and parcel of the Digital e-Money System Internationally are available to the Customers.
  • Some examples are Go-Pay, Funds, and OVO.
  • The traditional Credit avenues are also open through the Banks.
  • Enzibet provides the sophisticated continuous Streaming feature, making the viewing of ongoing matches comfortable for both participants and the observers.


It should however be in keeping with the “Honesty First” policy of Enzibet to admit that certain shortcomings and lacunae still exist in the System for the Players. One important problem, which is yet to be solved, is that the micro-expressions of the opponents and other players cannot be seen while Streaming. Strategy-wise, this limits the variation of play available to the skilled Players, and lowers Realism. In short, the attitude of this famous Website, www.enzi.bet, is clearly long-term, with the intention to continue leadership Online.

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