Eat-police: The Better Way To Verify Your Eats

Toto is a popular lottery game in South Korea. You can earn money by eating and seeing instead of buying an actual lottery ticket, but only once a day! The company that encourages people to eat more than play with Toto withdraws profits from sales such as coffee shops, cafes, Thai cuisine restaurants, etc… As much as possible, the amount earned by the eat-and-see company increases by splitting 80% of income with eaters.

The eat-and-see site is a new business model that makes money by splitting eaters and eat-and-see companies. From the eat-and-see company, eaters get to eat more for free with Toto tickets or discounts on food, and expenses such as delivery costs are paid from eaters. The more you eat at a restaurant, the more it will increase your discount rate! Eat enough and get a free meal voucher!

With eat and see sites…

First of all, use a TOTO ticket when you go out to drink. You can earn points in proportion to the price of alcohol purchase without increasing in this way, so I don’t feel like buying lottery tickets.

The eat-and-see and 토토사이트 provides not only TOTO tickets but also discounts on food. The eaters eat more than eat and see, so they can feel free to eat out without worrying about money! It is the eat-and-see model that encourages people to eat more.

betting platform

If you are a regular customer of a particular restaurant, you will receive points as soon as you enter it every day. Since points increase in proportion to the purchase amount, it is advantageous for those who drink with friends at home several times a week. If you play once a day for ten days, someone buys an expensive dish 20 times during that period and earns 200 points (contributing 10 won), and if he goes drinking with his friends every day, he will eat a lot and eat a lot. In this way, you can earn points without increasing even if you eat out once a day for ten days.

In addition, eat-and-see sites provide benefits such as free delivery costs! To eat more than eat and see, eaters use the site as much as possible by making all kinds of orders.

The eat-and-see model encourages people who do not buy lottery tickets because they are hesitant to buy them. It’s just that I want people to eat more than eat and see.

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