A Beginner’s Guide To The Game Of Dominoqq

 The game of dominoqq can be summarised as any game played with a wager on who has the best hand amongst all the players according to the pre-determined rules. Depending on the hand a person has been dealt with, the player has to choose whether to raise, fold or call their bet.


It is very difficult to map the actual history as to where this game originated. From a domino card like game played by the Chinese Emperors of the 10th Century, to the game known by the name of “As Nas”, played by the Persian Knights (16th Century), different historians have different stories.


As this game is one of the most popular card games worldwide, people in different countries have made their own variants of the game with slight tweak in the rules. But, all the varieties of the games can be put under following three categories (also known as families):

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  • Stud dominoqq

This variant is believed to be the oldest family of dominoqq. The players are dealt with a mix of face-up and face-down cards, and the betting is done after every deal.

  • Draw dominoqq

In this variant, all the players are dealt a complete hand face-down before the betting takes place. Before the players see their cards, they must place an ante (a forced bet).

  • Community Card dominoqq

This type refers to any game in which the players are dealt an incomplete hand face-down and they can use the community cards, which are available to all, to complete their hand.

Ranking of Cards

The ranking of a hand is based on the probability of it occurring in fi日本藤素
ve cards. These ranking are as follows with the highest being on top: –

  1. Five of a kind: Possible only when played with wild cards. It has 5 same kinds of cards
  2. Straight Flush: Five cards in a sequence. A, K, Q, J, 10 are the highest level
  3. Four of a Kind: 4 same cards, regardless of what the 5th card is
  4. Full house: 3 cards of same rank and 2 of another
  5. Flush: All 5 of same suit
  6. Straight: 5 cards in sequence
  7. Three of a Kind: 3 cards of exact same rank
  8. Two pairs: 1 pair of one rank and another of different rank
  9. One pair: 1 pair only.
  10. No pair: No cards pair up.

There are different variety of dominoqq played worldwide but these are the basic rules that govern the game globally and should be handy when you are dealt your first hand in a game.

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